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We are about to relocate to a new site... The information below will change as soon as we re-open!!!!

 Please note we are currently closed for tours as we move to our new site!!! 

Firstly, we are nearly impossible to locate and a GPS doesn't help! Follow the directions carefully and remember to book.

Travelling from Sydney you enter Bathurst and on your right you will pass the Gold Panner Motor Inn with the big Gold panner man near the road.

Keep travelling and you get to a set of lights. Go straight through the lights, straight ahead at the new rounabout and take the next right turn at the set of lights at View Stew St.  You will pass Kelso High further along. Keep on driving along this road, you will follow this road for about 6km (Limekilns road). It becomes increasingly rural. The road will become an 80 zone then a 100 zone further along. The tar is a bit broken up and needs repair so be careful.

Once in the 100 zone on Limekilns Rd, you will eventually pass Koonong place on your left. Keep going straight, though our turn is now only a few hundred metres from Koonong. On your right, not far now is a big lime green sign saying Heritage Park. Turn right into this road, immediately passing two world war 1 guns and over the small dirt bridge.

Turn right into this road, immediately passing two world war 1 guns and over the small dirt bridge.

Follow this road about 300 metres until you reach some gates with a dirt speed hump. There is a white sign on the right of these gates with Heritage Park etc on it. The gates will be closed (we don't own these gates so have little control over them). They have a 'park closed today' sign on it, ignore the sign, and open the gates using the lever catch on the top where the two gates meet. We have a right of way from these gates. YOU MUST CLOSE THE GATES AGAIN, THERE IS LIVESTOCK! If for any reason you find them chained and locked, call 6337 3634 and request they be opened for access to the observatory please. Follow the road from the gates for about 1.5 km, until you reach two old wagons either side of the road. Our turnoff is a dirt road to the right, about 40 - 50 metres past the wagons, not far past the tree on your right! There is a white post with a sign 'Observatory' (Hard to read I know) attached to it. THIS IS OUR TURN OFF! Turn right immediately past the white post and sign. Yes it is a dirt road.

There is a white post with a sign 'Observatory' attached to it, TURN RIGHT, onto dirt road.

If you miss this turn you reach a building on your left or end up at the large car park. Our dirt road goes up behind the buildings staying to the right of them. The soccer field is on your right, Basically you appear to be driving up one side of it! Follow this dirt road, past the house like building on your left and the road will sweep around the building. Continue up the road and I will be at the end of this road and pointing to where to park.

There are two maps below to help you. Remember bookings are essential and I will help with information about finding us when you book!

 How to get to the Cattle Drome

The Map above shows you how to get to the Cattle Drome.

When you arrive at the Heritage Park car park, follow the map below!

When you arrive at the Heritage Park car park, follow this map


Bathurst Observatory Research Facility - Location

Directions from View St, KELSO to Bathurst Observatory Research Facility, 624 Rossmore Park, Limekilns Rd, KELSO NSW 2795. Australia.

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Bathurst Observatory Research Facility

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624 Rossmore Park, Limekilns Rd, KELSO NSW 2795. Australia
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